OAc Dover Hosts Mad Science of Hudson Valley

OAc Dover invited Mad Science of Hudson Valley and students learned so much from the “Fire and Ice” show. Children rejoiced and dazzled as they interacted with the Mad Scientist. Students learned about the amazing properties of fire and combustion. They had many demonstrations involving dry ice. “Big Burp”, the “Spoon Sizzle” and the famous […]

Olivet Academy Dover Starts Summer Soccer Club

Starting from July, Olivet Academy began Kids’ Summer Soccer Club. Kids have been practicing soccer skills and playing soccer with their new coach every weekend. On top of the new Bible curriculum and an academic-focused program, the school aims to provide enriching extracurricular activities to balance kids’ summer life. Mr. Brian Quirk is currently teaching […]

OAc Dover Joyfully Celebrates Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019

Olivet Academy held its Graduation ceremony on June 24th for the Kindergarten and 5th-grade classes of 2019, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their education. The school’s Senior Principal Dr. Eric Mindrebo delivered the Graduation address from Psalms 117 and 118 exhorting students and the community to rejoice in the Lord beyond the […]

OAc Dover Begins Summer School

OAc Dover began summer school program. The summer program consists of reinforcing English and Math as well as many field trips including Splashdown Beach, Maritime Aquarium and swimming every week. Kids are very excited to be back to school and learn so much. OAc Dover added remedial classes for those struggling in reading and spelling […]

School Year 18-19 Begins

OAc Dover held opening ceremony for School Year 18-19. Dr. Eric visited and preached about the importance of heart that we can hold the Word inside our hearts and that keeps us live throughout the new school year.