Bible Studies

Olivet Academy uses the Bible study curriculum developed by Olivet Seminary. The program will consist of 40-60 minutes daily (based on age) dedicated to teaching faith-based lessons to the students. The focus will be on guiding the students to receive a firm foundation of Christian teaching from the Bible in a relatable and entertaining setting. The program will offer opportunities for children to attain age-appropriate concepts and skills from a Christian standpoint. This will be done through providing a variety of activities and lessons depending on the students’ grade level.

The program will concentrate on a thematic Bible study curriculum. Each lesson will be woven together so that children will be able to make connections from each study to progress their faith-based knowledge and application skills. The Bible studies will focus on maintaining a well-rounded curriculum. For example, children will study historical events and figures as recorded in the Bible while also enhancing their physical development and self-regulation through dances in praise and worship. Children will also be able to apply the lessons taught and build up social skills through age-appropriate practicum such as evangelism.

The overall aim of Olivet Seminary Bible study curriculum is for children to have a vast knowledge of the Bible through developmentally appropriate lessons that will influence children in every aspect of their lives and every school subject. Children will be able to see the interconnections being made through all subject areas and make personal applications from the curriculum.