Student-centered, nurturing the individual development of each learner

In 2015 Olivet University embarked on a strategic planning initiative to identify its opportunities and challenges. The overall goal was to create a strategic plan that serves as a pragmatic and flexible framework for allocating resources and prioritizing initiatives in the future. Those participating in the effort are trustees, faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, alumni, and friends of the university. The University will be continually seeks further input from board members, faculty, staff and students for the continued development of a strategic plan to guide the university’s progress over the next five to ten years.

One opportunity, described in the subsequent proposal, is to establish a progressive school for P-12 children on the new campus in Wingdale, NY.

Families face myriad of choices for educating their children; these include public, parochial, and independent schools, each with a distinctive corresponding educational philosophy. Parochial schools provide comprehensive religious instruction during the school day but traditionally separate such instruction from the academic program. The academic curriculum in these schools often emphasizes basic skills and automatic recall in a highly structured and disciplined school culture. Creativity and critical thinking are not emphasized the way they are in most independent schools. Progressive independent schools are student-centered, nurturing the individual development of each learner through project-based curriculum. An opportunity exists to develop a new school model drawing on the best of both these approaches. Olivet Academy would emphasize Christian values and innovative teaching in an integrated curriculum that unites Bible Studies with 21st Century learning skills.

Olivet Academy proposes to unite the solid foundation of the historical academic and spiritual excellence already exemplified at Olivet University with the current practice of progressive education in renowned independent schools around the world. Children at Olivet will experience a world-class education that also serves to deepen their spiritual connection to themselves, each other, as well as to their local and global community.