Students attend chapel service each morning and Bible class, Monday through Friday. Olivet Academy uses the Positive Action Bible Curriculum. The goal of the Bible class is to make the Word of God meaningful to the lives of our students and to learn how to live from their earliest childhood experiences. The Bible curriculum will help them comprehend, discern, apply, analyze, and evaluate a variety of concepts for themselves. The material in this series has been written in such a way that it will help students form personal convictions, supporting these from their own study of God’s Word. 

One of the primary goals of this curriculum is to allow the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the students to “conform them to the image” of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). Therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on character development with practical lessons, enabling the students to make life-changing decisions for themselves, even at a young age.

Character qualities are brought to life by:

  • Studying and defining important character traits.
  • Analyzing the character trait through the life of a Bible character.
  • Answering questions that directly teach students how to practice that character quality.
  • Using a variety of methods including puzzles, artwork, skits, compositions, and discussion to research and emphasize the character trait.
  • Encouraging the students to make commitments to develop these qualities in their own lives