OAc Amenia Third Grade Students Learn to Draw Bar Models to Solve Two-Step Word Problems with Division

Students of Olivet Academy Amenia in third grade participated in a hands-on activity to practice solving two-step word problems involving division by drawing bar models.

The first activity involved students working in groups of five. The teacher gave each group 37 pasta pieces and asked one student to keep seven pieces and share the remaining equally among the other group members. Then students were asked to represent the situation with a bar model and volunteers showed their models on the board.

This activity not only reinforce the concepts of equal groups but also helps them link the abstract words and numbers in the problem to real actions.

“Students were introduced to bar models in second grade for addition and subtraction. However in third grade they learn to use bar models to solve multiplication and division word problems. This year is crucial to build a strong foundation because the skill to draw bar models will be used throughout elementary and middle school,” share Mrs. Claire Mendoza. “The bar modeling is an amazing tool that helps them see a visual representation of the word problem.”

Students are also encouraged to complete homework on a daily basis to reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. Please pray for Olivet Academy to build strong math foundation in students.