OAc Dover Launches Community Service Project to Help the Center of Compassion

Students of Olivet Academy in Dover are participating in a service project within their community to help the Center of Compassion, a non-profit organization in the Dover Plains community that helps people in need.

Students named the project “HELP” (Help Every Life Project) and began with a review of the Good Samaritan Bible passage in which they reflected on the meaning of caring for one’s neighbors. Then students had a first hand experience of the organization’s activities during a field trip to the center and created flyers and posters to promote the center within the local community.

“I was there when they shared their food.I was moved,” shared a 5th grader.

“At the center of compassion I bought a candle. I am thankful for this place because it helps people. I hope I will come here again,” shared another 5th-grade student.

The Center of Compassion provides food assistance to hundreds of individuals and children each month through their Food Pantry and Backpack Programs, They also operate a Thrift Store as a way to raise funds for their operating expenses.

“I am touched by the response of the students to this project. They are enthusiastic and genuinely engaged to affect the lives of others in a positive way. It is an important step to begin reaching out to the local community and share from the love of God that we receive. I hope everything goes well with this project and we can continue to reach out to these type of organizations in the future,” shared Claire Mendoza.

Olivet Academy worked in collaboration with Dover Greens and Olivet Teen Mission for this project.