Olivet Academy in Dover Visits Discovery Museum

photo_2017-05-24_14-33-39 Olivet Academy in Dover went on a field trip to the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT.  They had so much fun!  They were able to see cool experiments during the presentation titled, “Don’t Try This At Home”.  During the presentation, students saw how liquid nitrogen turns into gas in the air because liquid nitrogen only stays as a liquid in the temperature of -332 degrees Fahrenheit. They also observed how a chemical powder was able to redirect a flame that was already burning on a candle, but will not work if you put the flame into the powder. Students also experienced how Nicola Tesla’s theory of wireless electricity worked using the Tesla Coil. photo_2017-05-24_14-34-44 After the presentation, students were able to explore all of the many hands- on activities the museum had to offer. They learned about global weather patterns, space and gravity, and got to sit in a moon explorer vehicle just as the astronauts do. Later at the energy stations, students worked hard as a group using the various machines to create enough energy to fill up the energy chart. Another highlight of the trip was when the students got to learn and manipulate the magnetic field using magnets and metal objects. photo_2017-05-24_14-42-45To end the trip, students went to a room called “Get Physical” and learned the basics about physics with basketball hoops, pulleys, and levers. 

Olivet Academy is planning more field trips to the farm, to outdoor parks, and to enjoy and learn about the creation that God has made.