Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students develop creative and problem-solving skills and ability to work in a collaborative space. Students explore lines, shapes and colors through a variety of art mediums. Through drawing, creating collages, painting and sculpting using a variety of materials, students experiment and expand their knowledge and skills for art making as well as the mastery of fine-motor skills.


Olivet Academy’s music curriculum aims to develop student’s musicianship as they reinforce concepts of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, melody and form, allowing them to grow in creativity and express themselves through music.

Through musical exploration and instrumental playing instruction, students learn to read and play notes, perform a varied repertoire of songs. They use instruments such as melodica, handbells, piano, percussion and guitar. The program also allows students the opportunity to develop their singing skills and proper technique for voice.


Olivet Academy’s dance curriculum introduces students to a variety of styles, enabling participation in presentations and performances. Students will gain knowledge of dance elements, principles and concepts. They will also learn to apply basic principles of choreography and communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings through dance while the study process will help develop students’ critical and creative thinking skills.