OAc – San Francisco, CA

Olivet Academy in San Francisco, CA views each child as someone whose needs, talents and future are connected with God.

Every child has a natural sinful nature and needs to welcome Jesus Christ as Savior and study the Bible diligently every day.

Every child is a genius, and has unique talents that God has given them, which need to be discovered and cultivated.

Each child is a future leader, who is learning to love the Lord with all his heart and soul, and humbly serve and care for his companions.

Olivet Academy in San Francisco serves children from kindergarten through tenth grade. Staff is grateful to provide a Christian education in good facilities with spacious and bright classrooms, a dine-in cafeteria and garden. The school is also thankful for faculty that is continually developing their education to better serve children.

The school believes that Holy Spirit is forming a team that, despite shortcomings, is working in a complementary way with harmony, passion strength and a God-given mission to serve the next generation of God’s people and cultivate future spiritual leaders.