We appreciate your help in building the school. Your generosity will help us to fulfill the mission of Olivet Academy. Your tax-exempt donation may be made using cash, check, debit or credit card and wire transfers.

Checks are accepted either in person at the cashier or by mailing the payment to :

Olivet Academy
425 Morse Hill Rd,
Amenia, NY 12501

Please include donor name and description on the check.
Cash can be paid at the cashier’s office.

Domestic/International Wire Transfer information can be obtained from Donor Relations at

To ensure accurate handling and record, please send a confirming email to with the following information.

Gift Purpose/Name of Campaign :

  • Donor Name :
  • Legal Name :
  • Name of Honoree: Please write down name if this donation is given on behalf of someone.
  • Mailing Address :
  • Email Address :
  • Phone Number :
  • Dollar Amount :
  • Date of Donation : please attach the receipt
  • Date Olivet should expect the gift :
  • Payment Method :
  • Sender Name :