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School Bus Safety Training

The school held a school bus safety training session for its students. It was led by the elementary school director, Claire, who explained the importance of following safety rules when riding the bus, also incorporated a performance element into the session.

Elementary School Hold Conference about Teaching Bible

The Bible teachers at Olivet Academy recently held a professional development session to discuss the best practices for teaching Bible in the classroom. The session was aimed at reviewing the school’s Bible curriculum and discussing the challenges that teachers face when teaching the Bible to their students.

Field Trip to “Maple Syrup” Farm

The school had a field trip to Maple Syrup farm near school. Students learned about how to collect and process the sap into syrup. They also got to taste the finished product, a delicious treat for all. It was a great way for them to learn about the importance of agriculture and the process of […]

Selling School Spirit Apparel

The school has started selling school PE T-shirts and Middle and High School uniforms printed with the school logo. Interested students and parents can sign up to purchase these items until March 17th. The school will distribute the items to applicants who have completed their payments.

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