Olivet Academy Reopens School after the Winter Break

January 5, 2024, 2:30 p.m. ET I

The school reopened its doors on January 2nd for elementary school students following the Winter Break, while Middle and High School students returned on January 4th. The post-winter break period marked not only the beginning of a new school term but also a reinvigorated sense of joy and purpose.

Students, brimming with joy, eagerly reunited with classmates and teachers, ready to embark on the adventures of an reopening. The elementary school, in particular, experienced a boost with the enrollment of two new students, contributing to the school’s ethos of growth and inclusivity.

During a morning service, elementary students delved into the exploration of a vital character trait – “Joy.” Their minds absorbed the importance of fostering joy not only within themselves but also in their interactions with peers. The emphasis on character development showcased Olivet Academy’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Simultaneously, the morning service for middle and high school students featured an inspiring message from P. John. Centered around John 14:15-16, the theme resonated with the profound concept of “Love God.” P. John encouraged students to reflect on the goodness of God and to reciprocate that love by extending kindness and appreciation to others.

Quoting the scripture, P. John emphasized the importance of cultivating a relationship with God based on love, urging students to willingly obey Him as an expression of that deep-seated affection. Drawing a parallel, he urged students to approach their relationships with one another in the same spirit, focusing on the positive qualities and aspects of each person.

After winter breaks, the school embraced the themes of joy and love in its reopening days, setting a heartwarming tone for the rest of the academic year and fostering an environment where both academic and character development thrive.

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